Strategic Priorities

The long term purpose and objectives of the association are to provide a credible, supportive service to all people affected by, and living with a dietary managed (Amino Acid) Inborn Error of Metabolism in Australia.



  • Educate and advise government on Health policies and decisions effecting people with IEMs
  • Consult with health professionals to influence improved care and clinical resources for IEMs
  • Promote cooperation and consistency of care between state based IEM clinics, and facilitate a national framework of care.
  • Provide well-informed support and advice relevant to the needs of people with an inborn error of metabolism and to the needs of interested parties.
  • Assist consumers to improve their understanding of government policy and the availability of Inborn Errors of Metabolism grants and support resources and services.
  • Promote national consistency in the treatment, care and management guidelines for IEMs
    Represent the needs of people with an IEM dietary condition and their families with governments and other organisations.
    Promote and encourage individuals to self-advocate in matters related to the condition.


Consultation, Representation and Networking

  • Consult with and represent members on all matters relating to IEM health care policy and programs, and advise Government and key stakeholders accordingly.
  • Represent the national IEM community through participation in health policy discussion papers and national advisory and consultation forums.
  • Maintain strong links with health care professionals, IEM clinicians and research communities.
  • Build relationships and share information with other health and support organisations with similar or complementary objectives.
  • Encourage community service and health/wellbeing groups to be interested in the incidence of metabolic dietary disorders in the community.
  • Collaborate with International alliances for achievement of greater global IEM care.
  • Liaise with medical food suppliers within Australia to ensure variety and continuity of specialised IEM food options.



  • Maintain our position as an effective national body representing the consumers and the carers of people with an inborn error of metabolism.
  • Operate as a well-managed and accountable community based organisation.
  • Continue to involve the IEM community in all aspects of planning and coordination of IEM support programmes, and encourage personal participation and contribution.
  • Continue to maintain a diverse and active executive committee and office personnel team, seeking continuous training and development opportunities.