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Member Connect is our free Subscription program offering the following benefits:

  • Invitation to join MDDAs private facebook group
  • Receive MDDA monthly eNews
  • Access to 1800 number and website
  • Get invited to all of the MDDA events
  • Complete access to the MDDA Marketplace online shop
  • Have consultations with the MDDA TeleHealth Nurse
  • Optional inclusion in Clinical Trials database and registry

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$50 yearly, per family

Member Advantage Benefits

For only $50 a year your family can join our Member Advantage program, receiving all of the benefits of Member Connect PLUS:

  • Discounted event prices
  • Invitations to exclusive member events and forums
  • Subscription to our quarterly MDDA Matters printed newsletters
  • Access to the MDDA My LowPro Pal phone app
  • Member offers and discounts on the MDDA Marketplace online shop
  • Be invited to participate in the Zest Adult Program
  • Get access to the PeeKabU Kids Club, LowProTeens program, Adult and Maternal Programs and Carers Compendiums

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Medical Membership Benefits

If you are a Health Professional and would like to stay connected with everything  that is going on at MDDA throughout Australia, become a Medical Member and you will receive our;

  • MDDA monthly eNews
  • quarterly MDDA Matters printed newsletters



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We love partnering with new businesses around Australia (and the world). Connect with our Professional Membership and;

  • Receive MDDA monthly eNews
  • Get a subscription to our quarterly MDDA Matters printed newsletters
  • Option to become an MDDA professional partner and sponsor our events and/or programs


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