Introducing the MDDA Member Advantage Program

The Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association inc. (MDDA) offers support services and resources to educate, connect and enable all families living with a protein IEM in Australia.

Our programs help support our goal of achieving positive health outcomes for individuals living with inborn errors of metabolism (IEMs), and requiring life-long metabolic dietary management skills, resources and support.

MDDA is a patient run and led organisation, that is largely voluntary based with federal government funding through the Department of Health, to support our National office and secretariat. MDDA relies on the participation and support of all IEM families to provide the many support services that we offer.

MDDA offers two levels of membership, which include a free subscription-based membership and an affordable Member Advantage Program. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive suite of support programs and resources to all families and individuals within the IEM community in Australia.

As a MDDA Subscriber you have access to a range of ongoing support services to help guide you every step of the way on your IEM journey. Subscriber access to MDDA is free and the benefits include the many community connect programs and services we provide.

By joining MDDA’s Member Advantage Program, you open the door to another level of support, with access to many specifically designed programs, products and services created to help support families and individuals navigate the pathways of managing their IEM – throughout all of the life stages.

These programs have been created by our dedicated team of MDDA staff and executive team of volunteers (parents and adults living with IEM’s). They have been carefully planned and created through consultation and collaboration with our expert team of Australasian professional metabolic clinicians that form a part of ASIEM (Australasian Society of Inborn Errors or Metabolism).

These programs would not exist without the ongoing financial and volunteer support from our members. As well as the regular fundraising efforts and ongoing collaboration with key partners and supporters from industry, government and the broader health sector.

This booklet provides an outline of all MDDA programs and support initiatives provided to our members. Some of these are still under development, so we recommend visiting our website to find out the current status and further information.