About IEM Care & Management

IEM require effective management to help you thrive and live well. Australia have a range of services, programs and tools to help in the management and care of your IEM.

There are different types of support and treatment for the different types of IEM. Management can be complex and challenging but there is support to help you and your family.

MDDA are here to support you and your family to effectively manage your rare condition throughout all life stages, ensuring you are achieving the best possible health outcomes from diagnosis throughout ongoing management and preventative care. Our Pathways Program provides support, mentoring, educational programs and resources to assist with your IEM management.  We do not replace the expert care you receive from your metabolic clinic.

Metabolic Clinics throughout Australia including a team of doctors, nurses and dieticians  provide specialist treatment, care and support for people with metabolic disorders. IEM Handbooks developed by Australasian Society for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (ASIEM) are a tool to assist with the practicalities of a low protein diet throughout all life stages.

The IEM Food Grant is an Australian Government program that helps people with protein metabolic disorders pay for specialised medical food.

Specialist Food Companies supply low protein medical foods for the use in the dietary management of IEMs. These foods are to be used under medical supervision.

Clinical Trials and Research are essential to the development of new interventions and can help to improve health care services. As people living with rare inborn errors of protein metabolism, we are aware of the gaps in treatment and evidence for our conditions.  The good news is that there continues to be research into treatment pipelines for a range of IEMs.