MDDA Connect delivers communication and support services across multiple platforms and channels. When you first join our community, MDDA Connect is the way that we connect you in with other members so you can learn new information, stay updated and make lifelong friends.  Whether you are a subscriber or a part of our Member Advantage Program, you can benefit from the various features and benefits of Member Connect.

MDDA Connect features include:

MDDAs 1800 Number

Our national free call 1800 number is there for you to contact our office when you are looking for resources, information and support.

Call 1800 288 460 during office hours to talk to one of our team. You can also book a consultation with our part-time telehealth nurse via calling 03 9723 0700 or emailing [email protected].

Website & Social Channels

By visiting our website at, you have access to a wide range of information surrounding your IEM. Find information about the IEM food grant (including the latest payments schedule) and stay up to date with everything that MDDA offers. We are also on all social media so follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on everything the MDDA are doing.

Patient Community Facebook Forum

Through MDDA Connect you have access to our exclusive online IEM community through our private Facebook group. This group is a patient/family only forum and is where our community comes together to support each other, share life experiences, recipes and information, seek advice and discuss other topics regarding living with an IEM.

Member Connect Hub

The Member Connect Hub is an inclusive and interactive virtual platform that is extended to all MDDA members as a place to connect and meet with other members, gather in special interest groups and forums and attend virtual events and workshops. Find out more here.

MDDA Community and Member Events

MDDA organise and host events held across the country. They act as a place for our community to learn new things, make new friends and connect with one another. These events include: Webinars, Online Forums, End of year get togethers, Annual National Family Retreats, Cooking days, Fundraising Events, 0-5 year parent catchups, Teen Camps & Workshops and Adult Boost Camps.