LowPro Inspo

LowPro Inspo is our Low Protein YouTube channel that is designed to provide daily inspiration for people living with protein IEM’s. The channel initially focuses on low protein cooking and recipes but will expand to also include other inspirational content from MDDA, our members and affiliated communities.

The cooking segment includes a series of videos that open the door to Australian families, showcasing the diverse range of diets of those living with PKU and other Protein IEMs. This is done through fun, entertaining and educational, cooking style videos.

To bring the community together through the power of cooking and to inspire each other to make delicious low pro food. Whether you’re a cooking fanatic, or a novice, there is something here for everyone. From cookies to noodle salad to bread, learn new recipes and new tips to cook something deliciously low pro!

LowPro Inspo is open to everyone, why not join up to our Member Advantage program and also become an inspirator, contributing to our inspiring and growing library of content.

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Film your very own LowPro Inspo Video

Become a LowPro Inspo Inspirator and film your favourite low protein recipe to share with our community. No expert filming experience needed! Just a great recipe and enthusiasm! If you are interested in becoming a LowPro Inspo Inspirator email [email protected] and we will send you a starter kit (and even your very own apron!).

Join at home with LowPro Inspo LIVE

LowPro Inspo LIVE is where we bring the cooking inspiration straight into your kitchen; BYO everything and get everyone involved live! We’re bringing the community together where you and your family can participate in the fun. To find out when our next LowPro Inspo LIVE will be stay tuned to our social media!

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