A day in the life of Ruby

School Starters

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A day in the life of Ruby

Ruby, MSUD, age 8

Get up, have breakfast normally coco pops, make coolers, drink one, brush teeth, brush hair put shoes on and go to school. Come home from school, have cooler and get changed, play outside, feed the dog. When mum gets home I have dinner, have a bath, last cooler and go to bed.

Maple Syrup Urine disease. When I was sick as a baby you could smell maple syrup in my ears. I have a special diet I can’t eat much protein, if I have too much I can get really sick and go to hospital to stay overnight.

I count protein and if I don’t know how much is in it I ask mum and dad. I have coolers 3 times a day with valine.

My friend Ella knows and my teacher knows, but no one else at school. Why don’t you tell everyone? Because it’s embarrassing.

It’s hard to tell everyone I have MSUD.
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Ice cream, chocolate, cream filled biscuits. Broccoli, corn fritters and hash browns.

That eating vegetables is probably more healthy than eating meat anyway. It’s a bit different, and it’s hard to ignore all the food I can’t eat.