Charlie starting primary school with PKU

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Charlie Starting Primary School with PKU

Charlie, PKU, age 5

Very exciting! Charlie has been waiting to go to school for soooo long – so he was just full of beans on his first day of school.

Up early and ready to go. No nerves just excitement and chuffed to be doing what his big sister does. I was excited too, and just fed off his energy so there were smiles all round.

Nothing until I wrote a letter to the school and then met with the principal and teacher to discuss Charlie’s condition and needs.

Very positively. To the extent the principal himself has even gone out and sourced his special ‘bubble and squeak’ patties to have for him and school BBQ’s.

Just keeping him fed with healthy snacks that also fill him up but keep his levels down. Charlie’s appetite   has almost doubled over the summer, so I am needing to stack his lunchbox full of ‘heaps’ of food, and then including an emergency snack in his bag pocket so once he has finished his lunchbox, he has something if he needs it. When he gets hungry, he goes into ‘meltdown’!

A honey sandwich on white or Gluten Free bread, a low pro banana bread or carrot cake (homemade), an LCM bar, a fruit squeeze or fruit pole, a banana (or carrot sticks if needing a lower snack), a bag of grapes, low pro popcorn or rice-cakes, a few slices of bio cheese and lo-pro crackers  = generally around 6-7 grams (as he is permitted 12 in a day so this permits 2 grams at brekky and 3-4 grams for dinner).  Yep I know – he is an eating machine!!

He is a very versatile and non-fussy eater (yes, we are very lucky, and I tell you if it was my elder daughter it would be a very different story). He loves honey sandwiches and PKU vege/sausages, as well as of course anything chocolate.

We have already had a few and I always make contact with the parent to find out what is on the menu (i.e. if chips & fairy bread then we generally let him have these along with a few lollies). We also usually let him have a bit of ice-cream cake but always pack a choc cupcake/muffin, so he doesn’t miss out.

He loves his teacher Miss Easy and of course playing with his friends at playtime. He also loves riding his bike or scooter to school. He also has his first canteen visit the other day too and was very excited that he could buy a frozen juice box