Coronavirus Advice

IEMS and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

MDDA have had many questions regarding how Coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect those living with an Inborn Error of Metabolism, particularly with issues in obtaining food and medical supplies.

This resource has current information and advice and we will continue to add updates as further information comes to hand. The most recent, accurate and up to date information from the government can be found here on the Department of Health’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert.

Government Key Messages and Updates

Reporting on key messages and updates regarding COVID-19 from the Australian Government.

Low Protein Product Supply

Updates on Low Protein Supply including Food, Supplements and Medications.

PKU & IEM Related Information

Includes important information about COVID-19 and how it affects those living with an Inborn Error of Metabolism

Patient Pathways Telehealth Nurse

If you are looking for some extra support during these times you can get in contact with our Patient Pathways Telehealth Nurse.

Looking after your Mental Health

This section provides multiple resources that will help you and your mental health during these times.

If you have other specific queries or concerns about your condition then please contact your own metabolic clinic team to discuss these further.