The Department of Health and Aged Care (the Department) will be undertaking a review of clients who receive a monthly benefit payment under the Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM) program. The review will focus on ensuring client contact details are current and that Program reapplication requirements are met. The Department has informed the MDDA that clients with overdue reapplications will be contacted early in 2023 in regard to their reapplication.

It is a requirement of the IEM program that clients with dihydropteridine reductase, hyperphenylalaninemia or phenylketonuria are reassessed by their metabolic specialist and submit a reapplication form (Form A) every 12 months.

If you are aware that you have an overdue reapplication you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your metabolic specialist and submit your reapplication to the IEM Program Officer. Your monthly benefit payments may be suspended if the Department does not receive your reapplication form every year.

The reapplication form (Form A) can be found on the Department’s website at