Celebrating International PKU Day!


Today on Friday June 28th, we celebrate International PKU Day! Why the 28th? It’s because a combination of three things:

1. Robert Guthrie, the inventor of the newborn screening test, was born June 28th, 1916,

2. Horst Bickel, the first to develop a low protein diet, was born June 28th, 1918, and

3. In 2013, E.S.PKU decided to launch the first International PKU day.

Today is a great day to celebrate the PKU person in your life, or to celebrate the great aspects of PKU that make you, YOU! So have an eggplant parma on us and celebrate all things PKU.

For more information about International PKU Day visit here www.pkuday.org

We held a toast for PKU at the MDDA office on International PKU Day, recognising and celebrating those before us, those with us and those still to come – working together, inspiring each other and progressing a greater life for PKU for everyone!