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Lachlans first day of school 


Lachlan, Tyro 1, age 4

Describe Lachlan’s first day of school:

It went great! He was ridiculously excited about going to big boy school! (So was I lol) he ate all his lunch too which was a bonus!

What did the school/teacher know about TyrosinaemiaType 1?

Until I told them about the condition.. nothing! They hadn’t heard of it before which is understandable.

How do you explain what Tyrosinaemia Type 1 is?

I told them that Lachlan can’t break down certain amino acids in his body so he needs a special diet, formula and medication to stay alive and healthy. I also provided her with a printout of what Tyrosinaemia Type 1 is.

How did the school/teacher react to any special requirements?

The teacher was amazing! She was very interested to know more (which as we all know is so great!) plans were put in place so he doesn’t share food and if they are having a special event in school time they call or see me to check whether it’s something he can have.

Are there any major difficulties you have experienced with Lachlan starting school?

I haven’t come across anything yet!

What is generally in Lachlan’s lunch box?

Normally grapes, banana, crackers, homemade pikelets, biocheese.

What is Lachlan’s favourite food?

Grapes, crackers.

How does Lachlan manage medication/formula at school?

Lachlan usually has his formula at home so at this time I haven’t had to deal with this issue.

How will you deal with class parties?

When I know there is something coming up I’ll ask the teacher for a list of food that will be provided and go from there.

What is Lachlan’s favourite part of school/Why?

Playground and whiteboard. He loves technology.

Any tips for future prep parents in making the transition to school easy?

Be open with them about your child’s condition! Make your expectations known to them in the beginning so hopefully you don’t come across any major hurdles down the road. It’s a learning journey for everyone!