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Lunch Box Tips

What to pack in your child’s lunch box can be something that becomes quite stressful for a lot of parents who are just starting to get used to sending their little ones to school.

Below you can read some of the Low Protein Lunch Box tips we have collected from parents to help make the process a little easier for you. So whether your child is just starting school or you need some fresh ideas for a new year, hopefully you will find something that is helpful.

Pack lunch in fun, creative containers in all different sizes

Write a special ‘good job’ note or include a sticker 2-3 times a week

Use a Bento or compartmentalised lunch boxes keep foods separate. Kids can see what’s on offer with one glance and nothing seems too overwhelming because everything is portioned or cut to fit within the section of the lunchbox that it’s sitting in

Use an insulated lunch box with ice packs to keep food and formula cool

Send formula in a fun re-usable drink container or sports bottle

Include some variety. Some kids are happy to have the same sandwich, treat and fruit for the whole of their school days. Others easily get sick and tired of the same old, same old. Mix up the choice of fruit and vegetables every day in your child’s lunch box. Carrots and strawberries one day and celery and blueberries the next

Make lunch colourful with a small amount of different veggies

Plan ahead with a 5-day menu to ease to grocery shopping and food prep

Look for suitable low protein convenient pre-packaged snacks for after school and playdates your kids can throw in their school bag

Prepare, weigh and measure food ahead of time to speed up mornings

Try a ready-to-drink formula if unable to mix formula at school

Don’t pack foods that you WANT them to eat but KNOW that they won’t. If you know they don’t like them, don’t pack them no matter how many olives you have in the fridge!

Give your child a “surprise” snack like homemade low protein cookies or a cupcake

Involve your child in shopping, prepping and weighing their own lunch