The Great Protein Challenge


The MDDA Great Protein Challenge is something that keeps getting bigger with every successful year.  The Great Protein Challenge (now a global awareness campaign) is a public health educational awareness and fundraising initiative that helps support kids and adults living with IEMs.  It enables people to walk in the shoes of a person living with an IEM for a day to understand the importance, complexity and difficulty of managing their condition.
The challenge of 10 grams of protein in a day has been set as a modest threshold and is more than double the amount a classic PKU individual can tolerate in a day.

By being a part of The Great Protein Challenge, you will help raise awareness for all protein IEMs and provide an informative and fun way to engage in the conversation and get a taste of what it is like to live with an IEM for just a day. Funds also raised through the challenge will go straight into continuing to support the community through building further programs and contributing to MDDA’s Research foundation. 


The Great Protein Challenge will be launching again in 2022, details coming soon.